The Research Group dedicated to the study of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy


jfk speech imageI wish to communicate with you today, not because I have to, not because I can do, but because I feel that it is necessary, for those among you who still believe in the rights of justice, who believe in civil liberty and sanction there causes, who believe in a democratic world, a free world, a peaceful world.

Today you now live in a world that is controlled not by the people you believe you have, or by the people you voted for, but by a force of hidden individuals who have taken those same democratic rights and beliefs' away, this is why I discourse with you today!

In the long years since that fateful day in Dallas, nothing has changed, nothing I believe, to have changed my judgments and beliefs from that time, and yes despite the tragic ending I would' do it all again, but I cannot, 'so it remains in your hands, you are the ones that can change how the way the world has turned, 'you are the ones that can bring peace and harmony to this war torn, upside down world you now find yourselves in. 'Yes that day in Dallas was pivotal, it was a forewarning, not only for those of us that campaigned for the rights of our fellow man, 'for peace and harmony in the world, for justice and for freedom' but it was a 'caveat to us all.

Lets begin by 'not pursuing the innocent, those who were led like lambs to slaughter unwitting and unknowing, those that were following their beliefs and doing there duty like all good men are taught to do. Lets not cast the first stone but also understand that ‘obedience of the law is demanded, not asked as a favor’.

Lets not go astray from the path of justice' stirred by internal strife and dispute. 'We must accept that by avoiding information that contradicts with what you already think or believe to be true, will screen the issues, and redirect your views, you must consider all factors that cause you to seek out, or at least consider, other points of view. 'We seek the truth, and will endure the consequences.

We must consider also, the great men that have also died under this background of hatred and greed, people who were not afraid to speak out on issues of racialism, peace and freedom and who were made martyrs because of there beliefs. Let not there words be wasted' as Martin Luther King said 'in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

'Dallas should always be a reminder in history, as a significant place in the hearts of all of us, as not the conclusion of democracy, freedom and the road to peace in the world, but the beginning of the end of those who seek to destroy those values! This is how we should commence to answer the question 'how do we put right the wrongs of those who sought to prosper from the demise of others and who now hold the keys to your freedom.

By bringing to justice from that time all those who perpetrated and all those that instigated and paved the road to where you are today. Whether dead or alive you can cleanse the past and begin a new future by peaceful and honest means, to seek the truth and stand up to all those ‘that cover up the truth for modest gains and infamy’ to think logically and ask 'why we are where we are today and where we will be in the future.

The truth is there, seek it out, If not for yourself, then for your children and your children's children, and for those who are less fortunate in mind and body' for to quote a adage from the past 'in the final analysis its up to you now, it's your world, it's your duty, it's your obligation, it's your choice' God bless and go with peace.

Written by Bernard Wilds.